We never stop improving how we work. We regularly speak to customers and research ways to make our service easier for employers, Nest Connectors and members to use.

On 5 October we took several improvements live.

It’s easier to make changes to your Nest account

To save time and effort when changing the organisation name on your Nest account, you no longer need to provide paper-based supporting evidence.

We’ve also removed the restricted time period for you to amend or correct your employees’ details so you can keep their information up to date. However, you won’t be able to change some fields if your employee has already logged in to their account.

Extended access to live chat

We’ve introduced live chat to key pages when you’re logged in to your account.

Live chat has been added to several key admin pages when you’re logged in to your account. We hope this makes it even easier to get the help you need as soon as you need it.

Better filtering on your Nest mailbox

All messages are now tagged with specific message types, like contributions or refund. This means you can easily tell what a message relates to and you can search and filter your mailbox by a specific message type.

We’ll apply the same tagging to any replies or new messages you send to keep them grouped together.

The member dashboard

Members will now see a personalised dashboard when they log in, giving them instant access to key information.

They can use it to:

  • check their balance
  • see a breakdown of recent contributions
  • update their beneficiaries
  • switch funds
  • keep their contact details up to date.

An easy-to-navigate website

We know that our different customers have different needs. That’s why we’ve restructured our website, giving members, employers and intermediaries the targeted, relevant information they need. Check it out for yourself at nestpensions.org.uk

Member updates via SMS

In addition to members being able to complete their registration via mobile, they can now get key updates about retirement claims and transfer requests by SMS.

Nest Connector improvements

Several intermediaries told us that they didn’t want to waste time looking through their employer list for payment due dates. We listened.

If you manage more than one employer account, your Nest homepage now displays the oldest ‘Payment due date’ for each of your managed accounts.

If a schedule is overdue, it’ll be highlighted in red and will display ‘Overdue’ beside the date. If we can’t show a date, we’ll tell you:

  • No action required. That’s where all schedules have been cleared and no future schedules have been created, so if the employer is in the process of ceasing with Nest.
  • No schedules due. This is displayed if the employer hasn’t enrolled any workers yet, or all of their workers are inactive.