Our top five tips to engage your employees

Up to 67% of Nest* members have never logged in to their accounts. But timely, targeted communications from switched on employers are one of the best ways to help workers take control of their retirement savings. And the sooner they start to think about the future, the better chance they have of achieving their goals.

So, what tools do you have to give your employees the confidence to engage, and in turn value the contribution your business makes towards their retirement?

How to talk to your employees

With two in three Nest members worried that their workplace pension isn’t enough to retire comfortably on, it’s never been more important to help people plan ahead. Will Sandbrook, Managing Director of Nest Insight, gives some valuable insight on the behavioural science behind engagement and some effective techniques for starting the conversation in your workplace. Will has 20 years of experience working in strategy, public policy and research relating to personal finance and pensions. He leads Nest’s in-house public benefit research and innovation centre, Nest Insight, which works to find ways to support people to be financially secure, both today and into retirement.

Our long-term behavioural barriers

Will explains why it’s so hard for people to engage with their pensions. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be to overcome these hurdles.


Will’s top five engagement tips

Will offers some ideas to trial in your own workforce, including framing, psychological distance, highlighting the benefit to others, timing and making it personal.


How can I implement these lessons?

If you’ve never spoken to your staff about their pensions before, you might not know where to start. We’ve simplified things by creating an engagement communications toolkit packed with all the information your employees need.

The toolkit is designed for different stages of the employee lifecycle, so you can send tailored communications when they first join, throughout their time working with you, and coming up to retirement. It includes email templates, posters, flyers and more, all designed to normalise the conversation about finances and pensions.

Simply download the toolkit now to get started. There’s never been a better time to help your employees plan their pensions, helping you to build a stronger organisation for the future.

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*Nest member surveys 2019. Base: All respondents (2994)