Getting your employees to make the most of their pension can be a tricky task. Engagement can make a big difference, and our videos and toolkit can help you find your voice.

A 2018 study showed that organisations lost 4.2 million worker days to absences related to a lack of financial wellbeing. That’s the equivalent of £626 million in lost output.[1]

And nearly 7 in 10 employers back this up, saying that their staff performance is negatively impacted when employees have money worries.[2]

We believe getting employees engaged with their pension is one way to help build financial resilience so they can better plan for the future.

Why engagement matters

Let’s start with the basics. Engagement means getting your employees to take an active interest in their pension. This could include nudging them to log in to their account, inspiring them to start planning for retirement or simply encouraging them to learn how their pot’s invested.

So why is it important today? After all, you’ve chosen a pension scheme for your workforce and more employees than ever are saving for retirement thanks to auto enrolment. But this isn’t enough. The majority of workers don’t choose how much money they contribute or check if they’re on track to be comfortable in later life. This means they risk not having enough to support themselves in old age.

This is where the power of engagement comes in. If your employees get the right messages at the right times, they can feel in control of their financial future. The more your staff know, the more confident they’ll be about making the right decisions. Together we can make this happen and we’ll support you to play your part.

Our new resources offer tips on effective engagement and give you the tools to put it into practice. This is just one of the ways we try to help your employees enjoy a better retirement.

Engage your employees

We’ve launched a new toolkit that’s packed with material you can use to speak to your employees at every stage of their savings journey. Planning your communications just got quicker and easier.

Nest’s engagement roadmap

Aniko looks at how Nest engages members throughout their savings journey and how you can be with your employees every step of the way.

[1] Centre for Economics and Business Research, Financial wellbeing and productivity: A study into the financial wellbeing of UK employees and its impact on productivity, 2018

[2] 69% of UK employers. Neyber (2018), The DNA of Financial Wellbeing 2018