At Nest, responsible investment and stewardship are built into the core of our investment strategy and in a year where the global coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact on people’s lives, economic prospects and financial markets, this has never been more important.

The fifth annual responsible investment report produced by Nest, ‘2020/21 Investing for a better future’ demonstrates the outcome of our approach, showing how our investment beliefs and policies translate into the decisions we make, our engagement with companies and other organisations, and how this affects our members’ money.

The report meets the requirements of new regulations introduced by the government requiring all pension schemes to be transparent about how we and our fund managers deliver on our responsible investment commitments. In particular, it explains how we vote and engage with companies we invest in on behalf of our members.

This report also meets the principles of the Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) Stewardship Code 2020. By outlining our mission, purpose, governance, approaches and processes and explaining why they’re appropriate, we hope to be early adopters to the new Code.

As responsible stewards, our members and their interests always come first. This attitude drives our long-term goal to deliver bigger pensions in a better world. We hope this report provides a clear view on how we aim to achieve this.

Download the full report