To help you get the most value from your Nest account, we’ve put together our top 10 tips. From saving time on your monthly processes, to helping you find your voice in the workplace, with our pensions communications toolkit, we’ve got you covered.

1. Get your workers off to a good start

Show you’re an employer that cares and help your new workers appreciate the great pension scheme you provide by telling them all about it. Use the welcome presentation, joining email template and contract insert in our communication toolkit to get the message across.

2. Talk to all your staff in the right way

Your employees trust you and expect you to talk to them about their pension savings. We’ve done the research and know what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to communicating about pensions. Watch our short videos and find your voice.

3. Avoid late payment notifications

Over the last decade we’ve listened to employers like you to understand your common queries and put the right support in place. That’s why we made this short video and guidance that helps you understand, resolve and reduce your late payment notifications.

4. Save time on zero contributions

From time to time one of your employees might not make a contribution in a certain month. To make it quick and easy for you to tell us, we put together this collection of help centre articles that explain the process.

5. Discover our improvements and market insights  

In the past ten years we’ve kept innovating for you – whether that’s building the first fully automated online pension admin tool or making it easier to filter your Nest mailbox. Read about our latest improvements and industry updates on Nest Views.

6. Help your workers in later life

Employees can feel vulnerable and confused as they approach retirement and may look to you for support. Use the material in our toolkit to help explain their retirement options with Nest, and where they can go for trusted guidance.

7. Know that we’re here at retirement too

We’re committed to helping your employees enjoy a better retirement. Our short article explains the support we’ve put in place and new products we’ve created, like the Nest Guided Retirement Fund which gives eligible employees freedom and flexibility when accessing their savings.

8. Get the latest on our fund performance  

You trust us to grow the pension contributions you and your employees pay to us, so why not check how our award-winning investment team are getting on? Our latest quarterly investment report and Chief Investment Officer summary tells you how our funds are performing.

9. Learn how we invest responsibly…

From addressing the climate emergency to funding a green recovery from Covid-19 – we invest your employees’ savings to try to deliver bigger pensions in a better world. Our latest responsible investment report gets you up to speed on what we’re doing.

10… and then make your workers feel good about it

Employees want to hear how their pension savings are benefitting the world. And it’s easy to tell them. Our toolkit is packed with ready-made material you can use to explain how Nest invests their money to protect their pension pot and the planet.